STRHIVE Makes Headlines: Simplifying Organisational Learning to Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes

Till Behne from had a chance to chat with our Co-founder, Sarah Abdelatif, about STRHIVE’s mission and its contribution to the world of NGOs.

The feature highlighted how STRHIVE is addressing the recurrent problem faced by many organizations: structuring and retaining knowledge. Often, lessons learned during the execution of projects aren’t properly documented or applied to future initiatives. Consequently, the same mistakes are made again, leading to a perpetual reinvention of the wheel.

Sarah Abdelatif explains, “Non-profits typically gather a wealth of knowledge during their projects but fail to extract long-term, actionable insights from their experiences. Regrettably, much of this valuable knowledge is lost over time.”

This is where STRHIVE steps in with our innovative tool – Propel! We’re developing a software solution that streamlines organizational learning, making it significantly more accessible and efficient.

Read the complete interview here: Feature on STRHIVE

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