Creating your Organisation's Learning Roadmap.

What we do?

Based on your organisation’s learning needs and goals, we develop a tailor-made Learning Roadmap with and for you. Whether you are just getting started with organisational learning or would like to advance it, our Learning Roadmap is customised to fit your organisation’s needs. Your Learning Roadmap is designed so that it takes off at your organisation’s current State of Learning and guides you towards becoming a learning organisation.


The Learning Roadmap consists of three Building Blocks. We always start with the first Building Block to determine the current State of Learning in your organisation. Based on the outcome of this initial assessment, we build your Learning Roadmap by applying the Building Blocks according to your organisation’s needs. 

The Building blocks are customised to your organisation's learning needs.

The first step is to determine your organisation’s current State of Learning and develop a learning profile accordingly.

Knowledge Management

Based on your learning profile, we develop or optimise your organisation’s system for knowledge management.

Learning Framework

Building on your organisation’s learning needs, we develop a comprehensive organisational learning framework.

We also offer one-time services. For example, if a project is ending and you would like to capture its learnings or a key knowledge holder is leaving the organisation.

Based on your situation, we design and implement tailor-made learning workshops for development organisations. We draw on formats such as Peer-Assists, After-Action-Reviews or Retrospects to address your learning needs. 

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