Propel Prototype

Seeing an in idea come to life is thrilling – We are excited to introduce the Propel Prototype!

Today, we face many global challenges, including climate change, wars, hunger and poverty. International development organisations play an important role to tackle these challenges and work towards a peaceful, fair and equitable world for all.

However, development and humanitarian organisations work in increasingly complex settings. To be and stay effective, they need to learn. Propel came to life to guide organisations to become effective learning organisations.  

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From concept to prototype

Over the past two years, we worked with various organisations on knowledge management and learning. The questions and challenges from the field led us to design the concept for the software tool Propel: One space for development organisation to capture, access and reuse their knowledge and learnings.

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After validating the concept with practitioners in the field, it was time for the next step. With the help of The Main Ingredient, the concept was turned into the Propel Prototype. With the prototype, we’re excited to give you a first glimpse into what the tool can do for you!

How Propel works    

Propel is the software tool for organisational learning. It integrates learning into your everyday work and enables you to build organisational memory. The tool guides your learning journey to easily capture, access and reuse learnings.

Three key features:

Next steps – for you?    

For the next step, we are seeking piloting partners. As a piloting partner, you will be part of the journey to work towards a new way of learning for international development. Reach out to us for more information! 

Curious about Propel? Download the full prototype brochure here: