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Coming back to work after an absence can either be energising or overwhelming - with these four tips you can make the best out of it, and also start incorporating learning more into your work!

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Propel Prototype

We are excited to introduce the prototype of Propel to you - the software tool for organisational learning!

In this blogpost, we use literature and internal insights to look at aspects that foster engagement with knowledge management within organizations!

As Britton (1998) points out, “if NGOs do not learn they are likely to cease to exist as they will not be able to adapt sufficiently well to the changing circumstances in which they find themselves” (p. 7). Therefore, it is imperative for development organisations to understand how organisational learning affects their organisation’s operations.

If you are looking for a dynamic, hands-on challenging and international development-oriented internship place to develop your skills and knowledge, Strhive is just the place for you.

Introducing: Propel

The software tool providing you with one space for organisational learning and building organisational memory.