Learning Story

SCNL Mutual Capacity Co-Lead - GROW Project

STRHIVE's Approach

Strhive adopted a comprehensive, technically sophisticated approach focused on enhancing capacity development, aligning with Right2Grow methodologies, and refining the Grow platform’s moderation and content creation. This included deploying targeted training for Learning Champions to decentralize and enhance learning capabilities, redefining Learning Communities into specialized Learning Spaces for focused knowledge exchange, and upgrading moderation practices to cultivate an engaging, well-organized learning environment.


Through Strhive’s innovative, participatory approach, the project underscored the critical importance of flexibility, stakeholder engagement, and ongoing enhancement in knowledge management and collaborative learning. By focusing on building internal capacities and optimizing the Grow platform’s user experience, the initiative laid a solid foundation for advanced knowledge sharing and collaborative practices within the Right2Grow Alliance, ensuring a legacy of continuous learning and improvement.

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