Learning Story

GIZ STILE - Sustainability in the Textile and Leather Industry project Bangladesh

STRHIVE's Approach

Strhive focuses on managing knowledge effectively and enhancing the impact of a project by facilitating knowledge sharing and continuous learning. While implementing the solution, Strhive pays attention to prioritising inclusivity, and collaboration and uses a participatory and context-oriented approach. 

First, an assessment of the current state of knowledge management as well as needs for knowledge management was conducted through key stakeholder conversations. The needs assessment served as the basis upon which the knowledge management system was designed. This process took into account the technical requirements, the involvement of the team and the processes needed to support  effective knowledge management. 

Based on the findings, Strhive developed a roadmap that clarifies the implementation schedule, roles, and milestones. Strhive worked on the technical solution that makes knowledge products accessible and set up the required structure, content, and guidelines. Existing content was transferred, and training was provided to ensure the sustainable use of the solution.


Strhive’s approach to knowledge management for the STILE Project in Bangladesh exemplifies the importance of adaptability and collaboration. By implementing a dynamic process and engaging the project team throughout, Strhive was able to create a robust knowledge management system that will contribute to the project’s success and make knowledge available beyond the current project phase for other teams to build upon. This case serves as a valuable example of effective knowledge management implementation in the development sector.

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