Learning Story

Building on existing knowledge

At a Glance

learning story GIZ Egypt
"STRHIVE supported the project to not only build the foundation of an institutionalised knowledge management system but also helped to create the necessary link between monitoring, evaluation and learning."
Julia Leuther
MEL Advisor

STRHIVE's Approach

The guiding thread for us to approach the project’s challenge and achieve the learning goal was to address the following points:

  • How can the project access existing knowledge?
  • How can the project learn from the existing knowledge?
  • How can knowledge management and learning be sustained?

These three points were tackled through a multilayer approach. Firstly, it was necessary to ensure that the project team had the ability to use the project’s knowledge management system in their own work. Secondly, premises for knowledge sharing and learning from one another had to be designed and established. The knowledge sharing and learning concepts draw on formats such as Peer-Assists, After-Action-Reviews and Retrospects. 

The key to ensure that the knowledge sharing and learning practices are weaved into the fabric of the project and sustainable was to integrate them into existing work practices.

What this means is that a number of intersection points between knowledge sharing, learning and existing processes were identified. The formats for knowledge sharing and learning were then tailored to be coupled with existing practices, so that they can feed into one another. This approach fosters the take-up and automatisation of knowledge sharing and learning within the project. The project team is now equipped with the framework to build on existing knowledge and apply leanings in their work.

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