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Working with Strhive meant, from the beginning, working as a team in which Strhive always kept an eye on the goals and needs and responsibilities.

At a Glance

Strhive's Approach

Strhive worked with Partos to create the Strategic Partnership’s Knowledge Map. The Knowledge Map provides an interactive overview of the key knowledge products developed throughout the past five years of Strategic Partnerships. It includes, among others, tools, methods, reports and studies.

Following Strhive’s model, Strhive adopted a 3-step process to develop the Knowledge Map in collaboration with Partos:

  • First, the context and current structures for learning were analysed. In this step, the key themes and framework for the knowledge map and knowledge products was established.
  • In the second step, the knowledge products were developed through a combination of a knowledge audit and knowledge mapping exercise. Here, the previous Strategic Partnerships provided their most valuable contributions from the past five years. Their contributions were the input for the knowledge products to be included in the map.
  • The last step focused on turning the knowledge products into opportunities for learning. This was done by creating an interactive, easily accessible Knowledge Map hosting the key knowledge products.

By following this process, Strhive developed the answers to the following key questions with Partos that are crucial to facilitate learning:

  • How can we surface, compile and make available knowledge developed throughout the Strategic Partnerships?
  • How can we make these knowledge products available to the partners and others in the field?
  • How can future Strategic Partnerships build on the knowledge of previous ones?

The knowledge map provides an overview of the knowledge products divided over the four key thematic areas: Inclusion & Diversity, Advocacy, Civil Society, COVID-19 & Miscellaneous. All the knowledge products can easily be accessed by clicking on the sub-category of interest in the knowledge map. One finds then all the relevant tools, methods, reports and other materials for your work that have been developed during the Strategic Partnerships.

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