Learning for Development Community

An advanced platform for peer-learning and knowledge exchange in the international development sector.

“Adaptability is a critical component of success for international development organisations.”

The international development field is experiencing significant changes, characterised by complex challenges and uncertainty. To remain effective, organisations in this sector must adapt to these dynamics.

However, there are unanswered questions about organisational learning and the practical implementation of theoretical concepts. Addressing this need, the Learning for Development Community serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and peer-learning in international development.

By fostering collaboration between practitioners and academics, the community aims to develop solutions, promote active knowledge sharing, and facilitate joint problem-solving in the field of organisational learning.

Are you looking for a platform to interact with other experts and share information on organisational learning in international development?

The Learning for Development Community (LDC) facilitates peer learning, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among international development practitioners and academics, utilising cutting-edge technology and best practices.

The LDC enables the community to:

Honeycomb combined  Examine the challenges and opportunities associated with organisational learning in the development sector.

Honeycomb combined  Cultivate learning cultures and set clear learning objectives.

Honeycomb combined  Evaluate the impact of organisational learning on their development journey through data-driven insights.

Honeycomb combined  Devise effective learning strategies tailored to their specific needs and goals.


At Strhive, we believe in the power of combining real-world experience and thorough research for effective learning. Your involvement fosters synergy, contributing to evidence-based practices and shaping real-world solutions. Join us to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences, actively shaping our community and advancing our collective knowledge. Together, we’ll make a lasting impact on practice and research.

Membership Benefits:

Honeycomb combined  Hands-on answers to key questions

Honeycomb combined  Access to an exclusive peer-learning network

Honeycomb combined  Evidence-based analysis and insights

Honeycomb combined  Theory-to-practice consultations with Strhive experts

As a member of the Learning for Development Community, you will have access to:

Honeycomb combined  User toolbox

Honeycomb combined  One-on-one consultations

Honeycomb combined  Community Knowledge Products

Honeycomb combined  Collaboration on publications

Honeycomb combined  Personal organisational learning profile

Honeycomb combined  Expert insights from the field

The Process

The Community’s yearly 6-step approach encourages the creation of solutions to critical issues concerning organisational learning in international development. This process includes recognising problems, developing solutions, and putting them into action, resulting in practical and successful outcomes.

Do you want to broaden your knowledge and network in the subject of international development?

Join the Learning for Development Community today to network with other international development professionals. As a member, you will be able to cooperate, exchange expertise, and contribute to a better basis for long-term development. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of a community that is influencing the future of international development through advanced learning techniques and cutting-edge technology.