We’re looking for a co-founder!

Shaping the way forward for international development

“If NGOs do not learn they are likely to cease to exist as they will not be able to adapt sufficiently well to the changing circumstances in which they find themselves” – Britton, B.

International development challenges are non-linear, dynamic and complex. Organisations working in international development need to be able to learn and adapt to navigate these challenges and achieve positive impact. But currently, systems and tools for learning are lacking. Therefore, a lot of knowledge and learnings get lost. In turn, this results in less effective organisations, and a waste of money and time. At Strhive, we made it our mission to empower organisations to achieve more impact by learning from the past and building on what they know for sustainable development. We work on questions such as:

How can organisations in international development learn from their past activities and build on their experiences? How can we make knowledge accessible in a way that it supports development practices? What new modes of working are needed for organisations to be future-proof, adaptive learning organisations?

Do you want to build an awesome company to develop solutions for these questions? Then you might be the partner we are looking for. 

Who we are

We are Strhive. We support organisations to build on their past experiences and leverage their organisational memory and work with key actors in international development, such as GIZ (the German agency for international development cooperation) or the Dutch Relief Alliance. Our work is structured in 3 pillars:

At the centre of our work is the tool we are developing for organisational learning – Propel. The software tool offers organisations one space for learning. It guides their learning jouney and enables them to build organisational memory.

We additionally offer advisory services to organisations focused on creating a learning environment by integrating learning and creating learnings cultures.

To foster new ideas and contrbiute to the future of the field, we are setting up the Learning for Develoment Community – a platform for peer-exhcnage and knowledge sharing for practitioners in the field of international development.

Strhive is a young, innovative company, on a mission to future-proof international development organisations to achieve more positive impact. We are looking for a co-founder to take our mission to the next step and contribute to the future of international development.

Who you are

At the core of Strhive is positive impact. We are driven by the need for new, innovative solutions for sustainable development. There is a momentum for learning in international development and we want to support organisations to lift into the new way of doing international development.


  • Have a burning passion for creating impact and contributing to sustainable development,
  • Are a quick learner, able and eager to develop innovative and creative approaches for complex topics,
  • Want to fully emerge yourself into the worlds of entrepreneurship, international development and tech4good,
  • Thrive on high-paced (sometimes stressful) situations,
  • Are driven by an intrinsic motivation to build something great,
  • Bring the relevant skills and experience that will contribute to our mission. That can include experience in and around:
    • the field of international/sustainable development,
    • developing SaaS,
    • (user-centred) design,
    • knowledge and learning,
    • change management,
    • innovation,
    • systems thinking,
    • strategy and business development.

All in all, there has to be the right click. Enthusiasm for what we do at Strhive and eagerness to build a great company that achieves impact are key.  

As a co-founder you will be involved in:

  • Shaping the way forward for Strhive,
  • Developing our services and products, specifically our software tool Propel,
  • Taking the leap towards becoming a tech4good company,
  • Innovative projects with international development organisations,
  • Building an awesome team and the working culture of a company you’ve always wanted to work at,
  • Developing Strhive’s network and outreach,
  • Becoming a thought leader in the field of international development and organisational development.

What you get

As a co-founder, you will come on board as a partner. The conditions and working package are based on your expertise and experience and subject to negotiation.


Let’s have a conversation. Reach out to us at careers@strhive.org with an introduction about yourself, your CV and your motivation for building Strhive.