Learning Framework

Once your knowledge is organised, it is time to put that knowledge to use. To do that, the last step of the Learning Roadmap is your Learning Framework.

The Learning Framework sets out how your organisation’s knowledge can be actively applied and build on to enable organisational learning. 

The Learning Framework is tailored to your organisation’s needs to seamlessly integrate into your work and decision-making processes. 

How the Learning Framework exactly looks like is highly dependent on your organisation’s learning needs and goals. The Learning Profile created in the first step of the Learning Roadmap guides this process. 

The Learning Framework is the plan for your organisation to get from the status quo of learning towards achieving your learning needs and goals. It includes elements such as your Learning Strategy, specific tools and workshops to foster learning and interlinkages to existing processes and work practices. 

The goal of the Learning Framework is to institutionalise learning in your organisation. 

Institutionalising learning means that learning is integrated as a continuous practice in everyday work. This means that everyone in an organisation actively applies the organisational knowledge – including lessons learned and best practices – in their daily work and decision-making processes

Through continuous learning, previous pitfalls can be avoided and activities can be implemented in a more efficient and effective way. 

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