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“[…] it is only by learning lessons and applying that learning will NGOs stand any chance of fulfilling their mission.” (Britton, 1998)


3-step Process

How do you currently manage the knowledge and learning of your organisation? How can you build on past experiences and use learnings to implement projects more effectively?

Knowledge and learning are integral elements for effective international development. However, putting learning into practice is a challenge in international development. At Strhive, we support your project or organisation to learn by developing learning frameworks with and for you.

At Strhive, we designed a 3-step process to design a learning framework with and for you. The process consists of 3 key building blocks, taking you from your current state of learning towards your goals for learning as an organisation.

1. State of learning

We always start with the first Building Block to conduct an assessment of the current state of learning in your organisation.

2. Learning framework

Based on the outcome of this initial assessment, we design and test the learning framework for your organisation.

3. Implementation & Integration

Strhive guides the change management process within your organisation to ensure learning becomes weaved into your organisation’s fabric.

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We can only learn if we know what’s already there.

In the first step, we will determine your organisation’s current state of learning and develop a learning profile accordingly. The learning profile identifies your learning needs and goals, the status quo of learning, including practise and processes and existing opportunities and blockages to get from the status quo to the learning goals.

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Organisational learning is a process. It requires organisational change and a mind shift.

In this step, the learning framework developed in Building Block 2 is implemented and integrated into work processes. We work closely with the involved team and empower them to become agents for learning. We conduct team sessions and workshops to foster the uptake and integration of learning and create a culture for open knowledge sharing and collective learning.

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The goal of the State of Learning is to capture the current state of knowledge management and learning in your organisation. Based on the feedback gained through the State of Learning, we create the Learning Profile of your organisation. 

According to your organisation’s Learning Profile, we build your organisation’s tailor-made Learning Roadmap. 

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One-time Assessments

Strhive’s advisory also offers one-time services. For example, if a project is ending and you would like to capture its learnings, or a key knowledge holder is leaving the organisation. No matter what learning stage you are at, Strhive is there to navigate your organisation’s learning challenges.

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