Advisory Services

We offer tailored advisory services for organisational learning and knowledge management.

“[…] it is only by learning lessons and applying that learning will NGOs stand any
chance of fulfilling their mission.” (Britton, 1998)

Feeling lost in your learning journey and unsure what to do next?

We build a customised Learning Roadmap for your organisation based on your specific goals and needs, utilising cutting-edge technology and best practices in programmatic and organisational learning.

At Strhive, we develop customised learning frameworks to support effective international development. Our 3-step process involves three key building blocks, taking you from your current level of learning to your desired goals as an organisation. We work closely with you to ensure the framework meets your specific needs.


Our initial step involves assessing your organisation’s current state of learning. We evaluate existing learning initiatives, harnessing data-driven insights and identifying areas for improvement.

The learning profile highlights your learning requirements and goals, the current state of learning, including practice and procedures as well as existing possibilities and obstacles to achieving your learning goals.

How do we do this? 

We gather input from your organisation through the State of Learning assessment, utilising advanced analytics to gain a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge management and learning.


We provide a tailored, technologically advanced learning framework based on your organisation’s current state of learning, focusing on areas for development. The framework is then evaluated to ensure it is effective, aligned with the aims of the organisation, and incorporates the latest advancements in programmatic and organisational learning.

We work closely with the engaged team, empowering them as learning agents. We hold team sessions and workshops to encourage learning adoption and integration while fostering an environment of open knowledge sharing, collective learning, and cutting-edge technology.

How do we do this?

We create or improve your organisation’s knowledge management system to address any knowledge gaps, utilising innovative tools and techniques. The aim is to ensure all relevant knowledge is stored and accessible, allowing everyone in the organisation to use and build on existing knowledge.

3. Implementation & Integration

We guide the change management process to seamlessly integrate the advanced learning framework into existing systems and processes, making it a natural part of the organisation’s culture and ensuring its long-term sustainability and effectiveness in achieving learning goals.

The Learning Framework is a plan for an organisation to transition from its current state of learning to achieving its learning needs and goals. The goal of the Learning Framework is to institutionalise learning in the organisation, ensuring everyone actively applies organisational knowledge in their daily work and decision-making processes. Through continuous, technology-enhanced learning, previous pitfalls can be avoided, and activities can be implemented more efficiently and effectively.

How do we do this?

To construct a Learning Framework, we create a customised strategy that considers the organisation’s current state of learning, its learning needs and goals, as well as existing procedures and work practices. The Learning Framework includes a Learning Strategy, learning tools and workshops, and connections to current systems.

Are you facing a situation where your project is coming to an end, or a key knowledge holder is leaving your organisation, and you want to capture their learnings?

We offer one-time services to help organisations collect and utilise valuable information and insights, whether it’s documenting learnings from a completed project or preserving knowledge from a departing key individual. Strhive advisory supports development organisations in achieving greater impact by creating structures and processes that enable the integration of organisational learning, utilising cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the international development sector. We are here to navigate your organisation’s learning challenges, no matter what stage you are at.

Who we worked with

What they say about us

"Through the space for knowledge management that we developed with Strhive, our work in the project became much easier and we can work more time-efficiently as a result."

Manija Gardizi

Head of Project

"Working with Strhive meant, from the beginning, working as a team in which Strhive always kept an eye on the goals and needs and responsibilities."

Vic Klabbers

Learning Facilitator

"Strhive supported the project to not only build the foundation of an institutionalised knowledge management system but also helped to create the necessary link between monitoring, evaluation and learning."

Julia Leuther

MEL Advisor

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