At Strhive, we are dedicated to fostering a greater impact through learning and collaboration, empowering organisations to unlock their full potential through effective knowledge management and learning.

"Transforming international development by optimising work processes and embracing the power of learning."


In the realm of international development organisations, abundant valuable knowledge and experiences often go untapped. The vital process of reflecting on existing knowledge and applying lessons learned can be lost amidst the demands of everyday work. This oversight can lead to missed opportunities for optimising work processes and avoiding pitfalls. Despite the prevalent desire to avoid reinventing the wheel, the challenges of effectively managing knowledge and learning from it persist.

Strhive was founded to address these challenges, working with organisations to establish effective, integrated learning frameworks that harness the power of knowledge and learning.

Strhive was nominated for ‘The Hague Innovators 2022’ Challenge for ideas that help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by the Impact City competition in the Netherlands. With the launch of Propel, Strhive continues to push boundaries in the international development sector, providing key services such as:

Honeycomb combinedProgrammatic and organisational learning solutions

Honeycomb combinedCapacity building for development organisations

Honeycomb combined Innovation in learning technologies

Honeycomb combined Knowledge management consulting


Our core team, led by founders Sarah Abdelatif and Andrés Roure Cuzzoni, has vast experience in international organizations management, innovation, data solutions for development, and program management. As Strhive grows, we aim to expand our team and operations to maximise our impact in development and beyond.

Our vision at Strhive is to create a meaningful and lasting impact in the international development sector by embracing learning and collaboration, enabling organisations to thrive and contribute to a more sustainable world. We also collaborate with external consultants for exceptional results as we drive Strhive’s mission to revolutionise organizational learning. 

Sarah Abdelatif

Co-founder & Managing Director

As the Managing Director, Sarah provides strategic guidance, aligning Strhive’s operations with its core mission and long-term goals. She ensures Strhive stays on track to foster enhanced learning and collaboration in the international development sector.

Andrés Roure Cuzzoni

Co-founder & Head of Operations

Andrés spearheads Strhive’s strategy, business development, and partnerships. His role centres around enhancing operational efficiency and building productive relationships with stakeholders.

Marie Barillé

Organisational Learning Consultant

Marie provides expertise in organisational learning, collaborating with clients to design tailored strategies that empower their teams and drive lasting change.

Novia Agustin

Communications & Marketing Intern

Novia leads Strhive’s marketing and communications, focusing on raising brand awareness and engaging with our target audience in the international development community.

Duygu Engin

Organisational Learning Intern

In her role at Strhive, Duygu brings fresh academic insights to enhance learning strategies and create innovative tools. Her commitment to driving change mirrors Strhive’s mission to improve learning in the international development sector

We are a fully remote global team that thrives on cross-cultural interactions and diverse perspectives.

In late 2022, Strhive forged a strategic partnership with The Main Ingredient, a renowned digital venture builder specialising in co-founding ventures and launching their own startups. This collaboration is instrumental in leveraging their expertise to refine, test, and expand Propel as an innovative solution for organisational and programmatic learning in the international development sector. Through this alliance, we aim to accelerate Propel’s growth and maximise its potential to transform learning and decision-making processes for humanitarian and development agencies.

Advisory Board

Our ambition is to radically transform international development by refining work procedures and embracing the transformative potential of learning, a sentiment eloquently expressed by our esteemed Advisory Board.
As part of realising our vision, we are curating a distinguished Advisory Board, comprised of professionals steeped in diverse disciplines such as entrepreneurship, business development, SaaS, innovation, and international development. These seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience to the fore, guiding Strhive’s course towards fulfilling our mission. Kindly familiarise yourself with our respected Advisory Board members listed below.

Lauren Leigh Hinthorne

Nino Bellengé

Sever Džigurski

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