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At Strhive, we believe in the creation of more impact through 

learning and collaboration.

Our story

Let's stop reinventing the wheel!

Within international development organisations plenty of valuable knowledge and experiences exist. However, reflecting on the existing knowledge and applying lessons learned often gets lost in everyday work.

As a result, ways to optimise work processes and avoid pitfalls are overlooked. And while the wish to ‘not reinvent the wheel’ is clearly there, the challenges of effectively managing knowledge – and learning from it – are persistent.

To tackle exactly these challenges, Strhive was founded. At Strhive, we work with organisations to establish effective and integrated learning framework!

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Learning is the focus of our work and at the core of Strhive. Therefore, our work has the principles of learning at its heart. Our approach is:
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Honeycomb combined


Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. 

In the challenging context of international development, it is sometimes hard to see the bigger picture, without losing track of all the necessary details. Especially in this context, collaboration and learning can add value. 

Within development and humanitarian organisations, plenty of experience and knowledge can be found. However, connecting this knowledge, reflecting, and building on it to achieve long-term goals often gets lost in everyday work. Often, in development organisations, everyone is extremely busy with implementation work. However, taking the time to reflect on the implemented activities and the bigger picture is not taken regularly enough. As a result, ways to optimise work processes and avoid pitfalls are missed.  And while the wish to ‘not reinvent the wheel’ all the time is clearly there, the challenges of systematically storing, accessing, and actively using gathered knowledge to learn from it are persistent. To tackle exactly these challenges, there is a need for effective knowledge management and organisational learning.

Yet, to establish effective knowledge management and learning practices remains challenging.  Therefore, we made it our mission at STRHIVE to help organisations overcome the challenges they face with knowledge management and learning by building tailor-made learning frameworks that exactly meet every organisation’s need.

We aim to take you from the current status quo of learning in your organisations towards becoming  a learning organisation. 

Our founder

So far, I believe that sustainable development is not realised anywhere in the world. For us to achieve sustainable development, we need true, honest and fair cooperation, collaboration and learning across the globe. Every part of the world can learn from another and should cooperate with others to achieve real sustainable development. 

Therefore, it is my mission is to integrate learning into international development cooperation. Strhive came to life to fulfil this mission. 

The goal of Strhive is to support organisations overcome their challenges with organisational learning by providing clear, practical guidance, so that they can implement their activities more effectively and ultimately create more impact.

If you would like to know more about how we tackle these challenges, get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you!