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Become a strategic hive.

Organisational Learning for International Development Cooperation.

organisational learning
"STRHIVE supported the project to not only build the foundation of an institutionalised knowledge management system but also helped to create the necessary link between monitoring, evaluation and learning."
Julia Leuther
MEL Advisor

Stronger together through collaboration.

Sharing knowledge, building on one another’s experiences and expertise and creating synergies across organisational units makes complex challenges seem much smaller than if you try to tackle them all by yourself.

Unlocking the power of collective intelligence.

As an organisation, we can achieve more if we join forces, work together and learn from one another. Many minds know more than just one. Your colleague may hold the knowledge you need to solve your challenge. By combining all the knowledge that exists within an organisation and unlocking it to everyone working there, you can find more effective ways to achieve your goals. 

We believe organisations that act as strategic hives can achieve more impact.

Working together as a hive towards your strategic goals enhances the opportunities to realise your shared vision. We support you on your way to become a Strategic Hive by creating your Learning Roadmap.  

Creating your learning roadmap

State of Learning

With the State of Learning, we assess how your organisations is currently learning. Determining the status quo allows us to create a tailor-made Learning Roadmap fully addressing your organisation’s learning needs.

Knowledge Management

Based on your organisation’s current State of Learning, we develop a Knowledge Management system for you or optimise your current one. Effective Knowledge Management allows you to gather, store, and access your organisation’s knowledge systematically. 

Learning Framework

Now it is time to put your knowledge to use! We develop a comprehensive Learning Framework for your organisation, specifically tailored to your organisation’s learning needs. The Learning Framework integrates organisational learning into your work and decision-making processes. 

We also offer one-time services. For example, if a project is ending and you would like to capture its learnings or a key knowledge holder is leaving the organisation.

Based on your situation, we design and implement tailor-made learning workshops for development organisations. We draw on formats such as Peer-Assists, After-Action-Reviews or Retrospects to address your learning needs. 

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When you’re working on creating positive impact in the world, you really don’t want to spend time or resources on anything but that. And preferably, you would also get to work as soon as possible. 

So, you may recognise the difficulty to take a step back and take the time to reflect on what has been done already. However, exactly that kind of reflection – and applying the lessons gained from it – can help you create more impact.

We realise that this is easier said than done: to establish effective organisational learning practices and integrate them into everyday work life is challenging. 

That’s why, at STRHIVE, it is our mission to help organisations overcome these challenges by building tailor-made learning frameworks, specifically addressing every organisation’s learning needs.

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